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We want to invite you to watch each of the twelve video lessons through our church website found below under the "LESSONS FOR THE NEW CONVERT IN CHRIST" link.

You may also download the FREE student book that goes along with each of these video lessons by clicking HERE .

There are many other helpful links for you to use as you study the Word of God and grow in the Lord located at the bottom of this web page as well!

We trust these video lessons will be a blessing and help to you as a New Convert in Christ Jesus!

If we can be of any help to you in growing for the Lord or in helping reach someone you know with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please contact us today!

Pastor Ray Shutt, Soul-Winning/Visitation Director
(410) 876-3838, extension 311
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If you have recently received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour and would like to learn more about growing in your new relationship with Him, we invite you to visit with us for Sunday School and Church services and even watch the New Convert Class lessons through our church website.

This 12-week video discipleship class is a great help for those who have recently been saved.

Discipleship and spiritual growth is a vital and important factor in the life of every child of God, whether they are newly saved, or whether they have been saved for many years! Please contact our Soul-Winning Director, Pastor Ray Shutt, at (410) 876-3838, extension 311.

Free Resources

Lessons for the New Convert in Christ

If you do not live in the Westminster, Maryland area but you would like to learn more about growing in the Lord, please feel free to watch each lesson by simply by clicking on the lesson numbers listed below.

You may also freely download a copy of the Student Edition of the “Lessons for the New Convert in Christ” lesson book to follow along with these video lessons.

  • Lesson 1: What happened the very moment you received Jesus Christ as your Saviour and how you can be assured of your salvation
  • Lesson 2: The importance of learning to trust and depend upon God's Holy Word in your life each day
  • Lesson 3: A new creature in Christ
  • Lesson 4: Expecting certain things to happen in your life from day to day
  • Lesson 5: Why you need to go to church and why church attendance is so important
  • Lesson 6: What the Bible teaches about the local church
  • Lesson 7: Basic Bible truths that will help you stay faithful to God in a lost and dying world
  • Lesson 8: Know that God has a purpose and plan for your life
  • Lesson 9: How to tell your family and friends how to be saved
  • Lesson 10: Living as if today were the day that Jesus may come again
  • Lesson 11: Continuing to grow for the Lord from day to day
  • Lesson 12: Commiting yourself to the One who has saved you
  • If you are working with a New Convert in Christ, please CLICK HERE for a copy of the TEACHER’S MANUAL for this New Convert Lesson Class and please also take time to watch the CLASS INTRODUCTION VIDEO below!

    Intro Lesson: A special message for each Teacher of the New Convert Class from Pastor Shutt

If you have enjoyed these lesson videos but would like to learn even more about your new relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, find an Authorized King James (KJV) Bible and a few quiet moments alone to work through these lessons. Do not rush! It should take several weeks for you to complete the lessons and listen to the sermons that relate to each lesson.

Don’t have a Bible? Click here to access an online Authorized King James (KJV) Bible!

Click here to download and print the No Turning Back discipleship manual.

Download these sermons to your computer and listen to them as you work through each lesson in No Turning Back. The sermons will clarify and magnify upon the lessons in the manual.

Understanding Salvation

Your New Life in Christ

Eternal Security

The Local Church


The Bible


Overcoming Sin



Baptist Distinctives

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