Recently Accepted Christ

Have you recently accepted Christ as your Saviour?

This page is designed to help the new believer grow in the Christian faith.  Find an Authorized King James (KJV) Bible and a few quiet moments alone to work through these lessons.  Do not rush!  It should take several weeks for you to complete the lessons and listen to the sermons that relate to each lesson.

Don't have a Bible?  Click here to access an online Authorized King James (KJV) Bible!

Click here to view the "Lessons for the New Convert in Christ" video lesson series or to download a copy of the Student Lesson Booklet.

Click here to download and print the No Turning Back discipleship manual .

Here is a list of sermons preached at Church of the Open Door, Westminster, Maryland that relate to each of the lessons.  Download them to your computer and listen to them as you work through each lesson.  The sermons will clarify and magnify upon the lessons in the 'No Turning Back' discipleship manual.

Lesson 1 - Understanding Salvation

Lesson 2 - Your New Life In Christ

Lesson 3 - Eternal Security

Lesson 4 - The Local Church

Lesson 5 - Baptism

Lesson 6 - The Bible

Lesson 7 - Prayer

Lesson 8 - Overcoming Sin

Lesson 9 - Witnessing

Lesson 10 - Stewardship

Lesson 11 - Baptist Distinctives