Willing Hearts and Hands


"Willing Hearts and Hands" is a ministry helping and encouraging those who are elderly or who may be shut-in due to illness or other physical limitations and are not able to get out and about.

Those working in this ministry visit various homes and rest homes and share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through gifts of love and items made and given to those being visited. Gifts include hand-made lap blankets, hand-made greeting cards, candles and luminaries and other items of encouragement.

This ministry also allows those within the ministry to teach others how to crochet and knit various items as well as to skillfully create other gifts of love and encouragement that are then given to those loved ones and shut-ins during the various holiday seasons.

Our theme verse from God's Word is found in Psalm 90:17b which says, "Establish thou the work of our hands upon us..."

If you are interested in helping in this ministry, there are various ways to do so.

 - Through your donation of yarn and crochet and knitting needles

 - Through your monetary donation to this ministry to help us purchase crochet and knitting supplies as well as other supplies and materials

 - Through your donation of time and assistance in teaching other volunteers the skills of crocheting, knitting, and craft-making

 For more information about specific meeting times and locations for "Willing Hearts and Hands", please contact our church office at (410) 876-3838 or contact Mrs. Cindy Goodwin directly at (410) 848-3873.

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