Through regular financial and prayer support of missionaries and missionary projects, our church reaches to every corner of the globe.

Missions we support:

Abdullatif, Irfan - Muslims, US
Ackerle, Roy - BIMI Spanish Ministry
Agora Evangelism Ministries
Anderson, Dennis - Botswana, Africa
Antioch Church - Chang Huai Nan
Arnold, David - Missionary Support Services
Baltimore Rescue Mission
Bassler, David - Church Planting, U.S.
Bode, Kevin - Chestnut Mountian Ranch, WV
Bracelin, Jim - Silent Word Ministries for Deaf
Bright, Larry - NTM, Administration, Sanford, FL
Camp, Ted - Deaf Evangelism, Trenton, GA
Carroll Christian Schools
Carter, Murray - Retired
Cherian, P D. - South India
Church Bus News
Collier, Paul - Costa Rica, Central America
Comstock, Todd - COD Spanish Ministry
Cunningham, Thomas - NTM Representative
Reformers Unanimous, Illinois
Dayton, Bob - Nicaragua
DeLong, Dan - Australia
DeWitt, Bob - Golden Land Baptist Missions
Disney, David - Chile, South America
Donate, Carlos - Guatamala, Central America
Dye, Paul - NTM Tribal Air Communications
Fenton, Kurt - New Zealand
Fuchs, Aaron - Philippines
Fundamental Baptist Home Mission - Clerical Staff
George, Brent - Romania
Gibbs IV, David - National Center for Life and Liberty
Gibson, Ed - BIMI, Special Representative
Gibson, Perry - Seattle Japanese Ministry
Gilmer, Harold - Brazil, South America
Gilmer, Tom - Brazil, South America
Goodpaster, Nathan - Philippines
Hart, Bill - Mexico
Harvey, Bill - Mexico
Heath, Robert - BIMI Education Coordinator

Hill, Thomas - Navajo Indians, Page, AZ
Hoblitz, Charles - Russia
James, Pat - Retired
Khaled, Milad - Lebanon
King, Geri - Jewish Evangelism
Kurdistan Church Ministry
Ledbetter, Craig - Ireland
Lemmon, Bob - Bible Production Ministries, TN
Lennon, John P - Paraguay, South America
Lippy, Keith - The Gambia
Loveday, Jack - Madrid, Spain
Mathews, James - Liberia, West Africa
Marr, John - Independent Bible Baptist Mission
Mayer, Grant - NTM Training Center
McCrum, Roger - South Africa
Messersmith, Stephen - London, England
Meyer, Robert - BIMI Southeast Asia Director
Montoro, Peter - Astoria, NY
Moore, Dr. Ernest - Calvary Baptist Church
Nono, Edgar - Philippines
Open Door Bible College
Patterson, Mike - MABEA International Representative
Patterson, Bill - Mongolia
Philberts, Samuel - St. Lucia
Philippine Pastors
Revival Crusade, Inc.
Robles, Sergio - Mexico
Sanford, Greg - NTM, Jersey Shore, PA
Sargent, John - Mission to Military, Retired
Shillingburg, Lawrence - Talking Hands Deaf Ministry
Shipe, Aaron - Tanzania
Smith, Robert - Canada
Smith, Ron - Cambodia
Stowe, Chip – Fundamental Baptist Home Missions Director
Traver, Jeff - Baptist Mid-Missions, Brazil
Warner, David - Selby, SD
Worley, Eugene - Retired